Site to Site Ipsec VPN in Fortigate

Site To Site VPN Topology

1. LAN & WAN Interfaces Configuration for both sites.


2. IPsec Tunnel Configuration   : Go to VPN>IPsec Wizard>Custom>Give a name of tunnel>Configure the Phase1 & Phase2.

Australia Site

3. Static Route Configuration   : Go to Network>Static Route (Towards to tunnel interface)

4. Policy Configuration : Go to Policy & Objects>IPv4 policy (Create Inbound and outbound policy as per your requirement

India Site

Australia Site

5. IPsec Tunnel Status: Go to Monitor>IPsec Monitor>Bring UP tunnel> If tunnel is up,it would show Green else down.

6. connectivity between 2 sites : We can verify Site1 LAN to Site2 LAN connectivity by Ping utility.

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