python programming introduction for the absolute beginner

Python is one of the fastest-growing languages in what terms in terms of the number of developers who are using it in terms of the number of libraries we have in terms of the number of companies, Programmers that are using it, and in terms of the areas you can implement we will talk about python programming for the absolute beginner here.

you talk about machine learning you talk about GUI software development web development you can use it everywhere and that’s why it is also called as a general-purpose language.

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so, in this article, I will tell about what is Python and why it is so useful and why you should learn it.

so, what is Python as I mentioned python is a programming language of course but it is also interpreted object-oriented and high-level language now does?

It also supports procedural read programming as well as object-oriented. It depends upon your purpose right you can use it the way you want but why methods of famers we have C C++ Java JavaScript and still pythons famous.

Now some people say that Python a new language and not exactly Java came into the picture in 1995 and Python came in 1989 so it’s way before Java right.

So, when Java came into the picture the enterprise market you know the everyone started using Java but then I think python was there you know it was there for other people to use an example.

let’s say if you want to learn a language for the first time Put name was there but now since the advancement of machine learning AI this is a field where we have research scientists, they don’t want to spend much time on learning a programming language.

so, what they do they wait for the easiest language available and the easiest language available in the market is Python and yes python is damn easy.

It is much simpler than C C++ and Java that’s why most of the colleges and schools are teaching Python. you might be thinking which company uses Python now it just leaves those small companies who use Python we have Google we have YouTube we have Dropbox.

so, we can see we have all these companies who are using Python as the main language or as a support language. let’s say Google has so many features some of those features are coding ADA in Python, not in the same way we have this one of the big websites called Reddit today return in Python now.

let’s focus on this name Python in fact when you talk about C , C++ Java this name, they have some story right what about Python is just because this language looks like a snake not exactly the author of Python. he’s a big fan of a British comedy movie called as Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

That’s why he went with a name called as Python initially and then when everyone wanted everyone liked it he went for the same name now can they learn Python and the answer is yes it is one of the easiest languages to learn and even if you are from a non-technical background you have not written any code you can start with Python.

what if I say Python came into the picture just to help those people who don’t know how to read code in fact children can learn Python is that easy now. Python has multiple versions we have one point X we have two point X and we have three-point X and of course, we should be learning three-point X right that means two-point X is not in there in the market and the answer is no the mark the two-point X is still in the market because when three-point X came into picture it was very different from two-point X normally.

what happens in a programming language you know when Java eight came into the picture so it was backward compatible with Java 1.7. when Javan 1.7 came into the picture it was backward compatible with 1.6 but that’s not the case with Python. you know the two different versions have two different way of working and that’s why we have two-point X still running in the market and it does have support till 2020.

So which one you should learn of course three point X right because it is new and there will be a lot of features which you can work on so that’s the introduction from this article.

In the article, I hope you will be able to understand what is python and how a complete beginner can start his programming. let me know in the comments section.

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